Location Atlanta Job type Full Time

The Information Security Officer (ISO) manages the development and delivery of IT security standards, best practices, architecture, and systems to ensure information system security across the enterprise. Will assist agency in meeting NIST standards

The ISO is a key contributor to the IT Strategic Plan and leads the implementation processes and methods for auditing and addressing non-compliance to technology and information security standards. The ISO facilitates the migration of non-compliant environments to compliant environments and conducts studies within and outside the organization to ensure compliance with standards and practices with industry security norms. He/she manages and participates in the planning and implementation of security administration for all IT projects. Responsible for the evaluation and selection of security applications and systems. Makes recommendations and assists in the implementation of changes to work methods and procedures to make them more effective or to strengthen security measures.

. Develop and maintain IT Security Roadmap plans that support enterprise needs

. Establish Architecture standards for IT Security documentation (conceptual, functional, etc)

. Mapping of IT Security with applications and systems to function within the environment?

. Define the interactions among systems including IT Security measures

. Establish Technical Architecture Information for security functions

. Define the technical standards to be used in the construction of the security environment

. Assist with regulatory and data transfer procedures

. Document and communicate policies, queries, vulnerabilities, and current system state

. Work with IT Team to illustrate the specific systems, Hardware platforms, and application packages in the future state architecture

. Define integration and interaction standards among security systems

. Create performance criteria that must be met by the agency environment

. Collaborate with IT, end-users, and senior management to define business requirements for complex systems development and work

. Participate in external forums, training, meetings with key vendors

. Oversee training, policies, and practices, including audits, to ensure secure operations

Work Location: 60 Executive Park South NE. Atlanta, GA 30329
Position: Contract
Duration: Award, to 08/31/2020.

This job is Expired